An active construction site with main support beams being installed using cranes

Addressing Labor Shortage with 360° Photo Documentation

Mar 6, 2023 | Article, Construction, Document Existing Conditions, HoloBuilder

HoloBuilder shows how innovative ideas and technologies can be used to make jobs in the construction industry more attractive.

The buzzwords “skilled labor shortage” have been haunting us for several years now. Some industries are affected less, some more. Nowadays, it is no longer enough to put up signs saying, “manpower wanted” and expect a queue to form. It’s also not enough to simply increase salaries. Young employees, in particular, are looking for employers who are prepared to meet the challenges of the times and offer future-oriented opportunities.

What’s expected today is that the company has a name and is present in social networks, in short, that you can make an impression with the company name alone. But how does a company achieve this status? Certainly not by resting on one’s laurels or by exclusively following traditions. Young, inquisitive and already well-trained specialists are looking for jobs with a future. This includes the use of new technologies, further training opportunities and the use of state-of-the-art tools.

Especially in the construction industry

The construction industry has always had its own rules, but in this respect, it hardly differs from others. Modern communication technology, cloud-based tools or efficient material analytics are no longer foreign words.

The construction industry is particularly affected by these evolving technologies. In 2018, 61% of the companies surveyed in Germany said they were no longer able to fill vacant positions.

So, what should be done?

Companies that want to stay in the market in the coming decades, employ experienced specialists as workers, and hire young, highly trained employees, will have to face this battle eventually. New technologies will conquer the market and companies should be ready for that.


HoloBuilder is one of those technologies that can help make the process much simpler. HoloBuilder is a platform for construction progress documentation, for improving workflows on construction sites through visualization and documentation. With the help of a 360° camera, the HoloBuilder JobWalk app and the cloud-based software linked to it, it is easy to keep your construction progress up to date.

It is no longer necessary to visit the construction site every day to check on progress. The person responsible on-site simply captures the details of the site with 360° photos, which can then be uploaded to the cloud. This saves the company costly trips to and from the site, avoiding hours spent in traffic jams and removing interruptions to the daily routine of construction processes.

These, and many more benefits make up the advanced, almost revolutionary technology that is 360° reality capture. HoloBuilder alone will certainly not eliminate the shortage of skilled workers, but it will help to make all your projects as efficient as possible, avoid unnecessary work delays and, above all, show your employees that the future is already present in your company.

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