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How 360° Photos Help You Verify Work to Receive Payments Faster

Aug 31, 2023 | Article, Construction, Content Type, HoloBuilder, Installation Verification

Find out how tools like 360° photo capture and a single source of truth progress management platform help to optimize your workflow, communication, and collaboration with clients to ensure seamless transactions during project handovers and progress payments.

Ensuring your construction business is profitable while maintaining a reputation as a reliable project partner for your clients requires excelling at several key aspects of work. These include establishing constant and effective communications with your client and delivering work of the highest standards.

However, construction firms today often need help maintaining high collaborative and delivery standards as they deal with the growing demands of upcoming projects and clients. Fortunately, strides in construction technology have birthed innovative and performance-boosting tools, like 360° photo capture and an integrated source of truth, that promote better collaboration and ensure work adheres to contractual agreements. Optimizing your project documentation, management, and reporting workflows facilitates smoother handovers, leading to frictionless payments that ensure your profitability.

Improve transparency with 360° photo documentation in your pocket

Pivoting toward a cloud-based 360° photo capture platform as your primary site documentation tool unlocks a range of collaborative possibilities that provide you and your clients with a holistic view of a project and its status. Take clients and stakeholders on virtual and context-rich site tours of an active jobsite through 360° photos during team meetings, saving time otherwise spent on possibly hazardous site visits. This ensures everyone stays aligned on real-time statuses, as-built conditions, and project site conditions. 

The simplicity of capturing, archiving, and presenting 360° photos within a cloud-based  platform elevates transparency among project teams and those away from the actual site., Having real-time access to these photos also enables bank inspectors to conduct site inspections remotely without being on-site. This facilitates quicker progress verification, and approvals that help ensure timely payments for work done. Over time, this helps develop trusting relationships with your clients and project teams as live updates eliminate the need for guesswork, doubts, and “he said she said” scenarios.

virtual site inspection

Site inspections and work verification can be done virtually with a cloud-based reality capture platform hat hosts your 360° documentation.

Speed up site documentation and problem-solving methods

The ease and speed with which you can take 360° photos allows site documentation tasks to be done often and at shorter intervals without additional resources. Cutting-edge tools like HoloBuilder enable on-site teams to document entire jobsites in minutes. The accompanying JobWalk App intelligently pins your 360° photos to your existing floor plan, providing you with a virtual representation of completed and ongoing work while saving you hours usually spent organizing data.

From clients’ perspective, 360° photos allow them to remotely inspect, verify, or prompt any potential change orders or adjustments. Platforms like HoloBuilder even allow for ad-hoc 2D photos and remarks on a virtual project, providing design teams, architects, and clients real-time insights. This allows for swift corrective action before as-builts are set in stone, helping you and your clients avoid costly mistakes before work starts. Executing projects according to contractual agreements and specifications from groundbreaking to handover helps boost clients’ confidence in your delivery standards as you carve out differentiating factors positioning you above competitors.

Create and provide historically accurate and detailed progress and handover reports

The seamless integration of 360° photo capture makes creating regular progress reports no longer laborious as you generate them automatically without manually sifting through thousands of photos. Optimizing how you compile and deliver monthly reports for verification and payment purposes helps eliminate potentially tedious and time-consuming disputes between subcontractors and GCs or legal teams over what work has been done. Resolve conflicts using historical photographic evidence and records from specific phases of your project, including progress decisions made by clients or stakeholders.

At the end of your engagement, a systematic site documentation and project management method enables you to compile detailed and chronologically accurate handover reports easily. Providing clients with visually immersive records of as-built conditions from throughout the project helps justify your efficiency and high delivery standards. When all contractual requirements are met and verified, payments to your business can be made promptly, without prejudice or doubts over the quality of work.

Conclusion: It Pays to Be Efficient, Transparent, and Reliable

Cultivating an efficient and transparent workflow anchored on precision and quality sets you and your projects up for success. With no reason to question or doubt your work, collaborative abilities, and delivery standards, clients find it easier to trust and issue prompt payments to your business.

Interested in learning how to elevate your project workflow to ensure your business’s reputation and profitability?

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