HoloBuilder™ is Becoming FARO Sphere® XG!

Oct 10, 2023 | Architecture, Article, Construction, Engineering, HoloBuilder, Manufacturing, Sphere XG

HoloBuilder, your trusted and reliable 360° reality capture tool, is evolving and will soon take on a new brand, look, and feel to become the FARO Sphere XG Digital Reality platform.

We’re thrilled to announce an upcoming rebranding and the future of construction cloud platforms: FARO Sphere XG, your all-in-one digital reality platform. If you are a current HoloBuilder user, you will see these exciting changes happening over the coming months, with functionalities transitioning to the Sphere XG interface. 

We’re confident Sphere XG will redefine your reality capture experience as it unifies all formats of your point cloud and 360° photo data from FARO and non-FARO devices.  Here are three things you should know about the upcoming change and what to expect during this transitional phase from HoloBuilder to Sphere XG.

HoloBuilder will soon be known as Sphere XG

To provide you and fellow AECO professionals with revolutionary construction tools, we are updating the HoloBuilder construction progress management platform and rebranding it to Sphere XG. This is part of FARO’s journey to innovate and usher in the next generation of digital construction tools by unifying all forms of reality capture technology. Changes and rebranding exercises will happen incrementally over the coming months, but aspects and functionalities that make HoloBuilder’s reputation as a reliable and accurate onsite tool will remain. The brand update will also see tools from the FARO Sphere ecosystem integrated into the common interface, bolstering the compatibility and functionality of Sphere XG.

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What is Sphere XG?

FARO Sphere XG is a centralized Digital Reality platform that enables construction, operations, and geospatial professionals to upload, view, measure, analyze, and share all reality capture data over time within a single environment. By integrating multiple capture formats – 360° photos, 3D point clouds, and BIM Models – into one unified platform, Sphere XG revolutionizes how you manage and interact with project and reality capture data.

The digital reality platform provides team members and stakeholders easy access to the latest project data and precise as-built conditions, improving transparency and collaboration for better data-backed decisions.

What does it mean for existing HoloBuilder users?

As a regular HoloBuilder user, you will begin noticing some UI changes and new functionalities in the Sphere XG platform. This is part of the update, so there is no need to worry. All your favorite HoloBuilder tools and features will remain accessible and usable through your usual login. As a HoloBuilder user, you already have access to Sphere XG via the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard. Just click on “Open in Sphere XG” to get familiar with the new look & feel. All your data remains intact in the cloud, ensuring continuity for a fast and easy reality capture experience.


As your technology partner and one committed to innovating and providing excellent service, we’ll ensure the transition is as smooth as possible without downtime. If you need additional information at any point in the update, do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team, which is primed to ensure an effortless transition.

Stay Tuned for More Details

As we embark on this exciting journey toward Sphere XG and the next generation of digital reality platforms, we thank you for choosing HoloBuilder as your preferred construction technology partner.

We will provide you with details every step of the way. Looking forward to the future in Sphere XG!

Ready to try Sphere XG for yourself? Start your free trial today!

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