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How to Build Trusting Client Relationships & Win Work

Jul 24, 2023 | Article, Construction, HoloBuilder, Project Stakeholder Collaboration

Learn to build trusting relationships with your clients and win more work by leveraging innovative construction progress management methods like 360° reality capture.

At its core, transparency between stakeholders drives a healthy relationship between your firm and clients. Better track records and higher standards often result in more successful bids than those with sub-optimal performance history.

But as projects and demands get more complex and more team members opt for remote operations, maintaining effective communication and a rapport with clients is becoming increasingly challenging.

Continue reading our blog and discover winning ways of working that leverage 360° reality capture technology. Find out how 360° photos and HoloBuilder can help you overcome these collaborative obstacles and develop a trusting relationship with clients, including aspects such as:

  • The importance of consistent and effective communication
  • How having a single source of truth helps align everyone
  • Measures that can help protect your firm during legal and contractual disputes

Leverage 360° photos and provide clients complete views of onsite progress

From conceptualization to handover phases, 360° photos give you and your clients an immersive and complete picture of the construction site. The simplicity of capturing 360° photos, especially using tools like HoloBuilder, enables team members to regularly capture site photos without much effort to create a complete photographic record of your site.

The 360° photos uploaded and stored on cloud platforms remain accessible by your team and clients, ensuring everyone is on the same page. The high levels of detail and integrability of 360° photos provide clients with inch-accurate visualizations of what is happening on site.

With cutting-edge features, clients can annotate, markup, or even add their 2D photos to the project, allowing better contexts for all stakeholders. Over time, this helps foster trust between you and clients as they are updated on the latest progress using detailed 360° photos, eliminating the risk of miscommunication.

Implement a single source of truth for effective and transparent collaboration

Storing and accessing your project information within an online single source of truth enables teams, stakeholders, and clients to stay aligned on the latest project developments and status. Populating these repositories with your 360° photos, floor plans, and annotations can eliminate the risk of costly delays from rework or never-ending disputes between contractors.

Using a single source of truth like HoloBuilder, supplemental design documents, Markups, and 2D smartphone photos can be uploaded and archived in the shared workspace. This allows all project stakeholders and clients to remain informed of progress and hang-ups to the project and provide their professional input as needed.

Monitoring and viewing progress through an online database also negates the need for clients and other stakeholders to make costly and time-consuming trips to project sites, reducing the risks associated with being on an active jobsite.

Sustain efficient workflows to cement your reputation as a leading construction firm

Consistently delivering at above-par standards with cutting-edge and efficient construction progress management tools like HoloBuilder helps create a reputable name for your firm.

Building a reputation as an efficient and reliable construction firm usually results in successful project bids, recurring clients, and overall growth in your project pipeline.

With efficient collaborative tools like 360° reality capture and an always-accessible progress tracking platform, clients will find it easy to synergize and communicate with your firm. This helps strengthen their confidence in your firm’s ability to execute projects successfully.

Having a digital repository of past and present project records lets you easily present your firm’s past work to new and prospective clients in hopes of securing more projects. With 360° photos, potential clients can immediately examine your past work using accurate visuals, giving them a clear understanding of your expertise. These records also help safeguard your firm in contractual or legal disputes, with complete chronological and photographic records as evidence of work undertaken.

The HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard gives an overview of current and completed projects.


Ensuring a healthy project pipeline requires more than just clients signing off on the dotted line; your firm must practice efficient workflows and consistently deliver at the highest standards. With 360° reality capture technology and tools like HoloBuilder, pivoting your business toward cutting-edge construction progress management tools is an easily accessible value-add to all involved.

Interested to learn how companies like yours have used HoloBuilder to gain and maintain client trust? Download the Turner case study to learn how the team was able to keep clients up to date on project progress remotely.

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