A site engineer captures site photos with a 360° camera against a superimposed BIM model with 2022 in the windows

2022 at FARO HoloBuilder – A Year of Building Together

Dec 20, 2022 | Article, Construction, HoloBuilder

The FARO HoloBuilder team looks back on 2022 and the many moments that made it a memorable one.

The end of 2022 marks the first full year of being part FARO Technologies and it’s definitely been a year to remember for the HoloBuilder team. In the past year, we have been collaborating as one team towards a future of bringing 360° photo capture and 3D point cloud data together and we’re so excited to achieve much more in the years to come.

Since we celebrated the first anniversary of joining forces with FARO in June, we’ve made remarkable progress toward empowering construction professionals with the solutions they need to increase project efficiency.

But before we look ahead to 2023, we’d like to take a second to look back on the past year and reflect on the growth we’ve achieved which would not have been possible without both the ongoing warm welcomes we’ve received at FARO and our loyal customers, friends, and partners. These achievements aren’t just ours – they’re yours, too.

As we move forward, this reflection is our way of thanking you for joining us on this memorable ride.

Valuing The Good Relationships With Our Customers

The work we do with our stakeholders is something we take great pride in. It’s because we truly believe in our technology and the mission behind it – solving hard problems to unlock the potential of our clients, to constantly improve the way the world is being built.

By allowing teams to work remotely through virtual jobsites, we are always striving to create more seamless workflows for our clients – creating a world as interconnected as it can be by allowing collaboration to happen across stateliness and borders, anytime, anywhere.

This year, we’ve had the privilege of working with some of the most stellar companies in the industry including GOLDBECK, who deployed the FARO HoloBuilder Construction Progress Management solution enterprise-wise.

GOLDBECK made the decision to roll out HoloBuilder after using the platform on some of its major construction projects. Today, the company’s site managers use the platform to track and document construction work with precision, linking 360° photos of the site to the digital building plans which are stored securely in the cloud and can be accessed remotely.

We couldn’t be happier to have GOLDBECK as one of our enterprise customers and are looking forward to continuing to digitize the AEC industry together!

Meeting you in person at events around the world

We are counting over 20 live events and conferences in the US, Germany, Japan, Chile and Mexico, where we had the pleasure to meet and talk with you, our valued customers. It is always great to hear about your reality capture experience and to learn from you. Some event highlights include GEO Week in Denver, DBIA Golf tournament in California, and AU in New Orleans.

meeting you at events

Optimizing Your Reality Capture Experience with New Features

The launch and introduction of several new features cemented HoloBuilder’s position as the first end-to-end digital reality capture solution in the market. Here’s a little sum-up of what we added to our toolbox.

Announcement of the 4D Construction Progress Management Solution

This year, FARO announced the 4D construction Progress Management Solution, to be available on FARO’s Sphere SaaS platform. Developed by 360° reality capture and point cloud experts, the launch of this latest solution will allow users to view the 360°photos alongside 3D point cloud data within the same environment.

“The 4D Construction Progress Management Solution will deliver unmatched insights for our customers,” said Patrick Bohle, President, FARO Building Insights. “Our 4D solution brings together 3D models from different capture devices and different accuracy levels to ease navigation, increase user accessibility, and enable unprecedented progress management with the ability to report, verify and compare all angles of a project over time.”


In May 2022, we introduced Shareable SnapShots to let our users create report-like copies of HoloBuilder project that contain a subset of photos. This was designed for users to be fully confident in sharing their HoloBuilder projects, without the worry of whether they would accidentally share too much, or something not meant for the stakeholder’s viewing. Shareable SnapShots only contain filtered photos enabling users to share specific photos of a project with selected stakeholders (Owners, Trade Partners, etc.)


With the addition of VideoMode Beta to the JobWalk app in October 2022, we provide the broadest spectrum of capture methods. Fast and seamless, VideoMode documents the site as quickly as you walk, automatically organizing 360° photo captures on your floor plan.

Further Product Advancements

Besides the Product updates mentioned above, we were constantly working on improving the construction progress management experience for you by introducing Advanced 360 Markups, Premium Analytics, Colored waypoints, and countless performance updates to our existing apps and Add-Ins. We also added a new integration with Raken, and made the HoloBuilder platform available in the native language of our Spanish-speaking customers.

feature updates

Building Out a Strong Team

As a global team that is spread across several continents and many countries, it is important to build trust in each other. And what would be better than creating fun memories together? We had several initiatives to meet our colleagues in person after a long time or even for the first time, but two stood out: The one-week Customer Success Offsite in Denver, Colorado and the EMEA team meeting in Aachen, Germany.

building out a strong team

Our CS team from around the globe met for a week full of workshops, discussions, and training to make you, our customers, even more successful at using FARO Technologies products including HoloBuilder. All the fun and laughter made it a really joyful experience.

Another highlight was a fantastic day with the entire European HoloBuilder team. We all met in Aachen, Germany, where our R&D office is located, for a day full of team building, presentations, chats, and fun, ending with a nice dinner and a small tour through the historical city center.

Looking Ahead

2022 was our biggest year yet and as we officially move into this next phase as FARO HoloBuilder, we expect nothing less for 2023. We’re excited for what’s to come and want to thank you for your continued trust and support over the past 12 months.

We’ll see you in the new year and hope to continue #BuildingTogather in 2023 and beyond!