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HoloBuilder™ is Becoming FARO Sphere® XG Digital Reality Platform!


View all Your Reality Capture Data in one Platform

Easily capture, view, manage, and share project progress with 360° photos and 3D point clouds, enabling teams to stay on schedule and on budget.

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Construction Progress Management At Work

HoloBuilder is the platform that allows your stakeholders—operations, finance, safety, owners, VDC, architects, trade partners, inspectors and investors—to gain remote access to your construction sites, and see all details of the current and historical progress in 360°.


Capture your jobsite in the most efficient and effective way possible. HoloBuilder’s JobWalk App guides the process to effortlessly capture 360° and 2D photos, automatically organized by project, floor plan and date/time.


See your jobsite in 360° from anywhere, anytime. Photos become available instantly. Rest assured that your project is fully documented and recorded for photographic proof of progress—whenever and wherever you need it.


Easily compare 360° photos side-by-side with your BIM models, historical photos and project schedules to make sure project progress is going as planned. Mark-up, annotate and tag photos to coordinate tasks around a single source of truth.

Your Progress Management Hub

Everything that you need to track your jobsite’s progress in one central progress record.

Travel Less, Save More

Verify work, support change orders, mitigate risk, and prevent issues on-site wherever you are and save time and money on countless trips to the jobsite!

Accelerate Your Project’s Progress

Manage progress with 360° photos, organized by time and location, on your floor plans. Mark up photos, share instructions and close out comments in 360°!

Two construction professionals in the office viewing the project schedule.

Stay On Time and On Budget

Turn cumbersome construction photo documentation tasks into quick, easy and professional progress documentation workflows with an intuitive experience!

Gain Remote Site Access

Generate a 360° experience and view your jobsite in HoloBuilder anytime, anywhere. Never be without the construction documentation that you need!

A field engineer capturing the jobsite with a 360° camera and a mobile phone.

Ensure That All Progress Is Recorded

Store all relevant documents and digital assets in an organized digital progress record, preparing you for any dispute resolution—simply to be on the safe side!

A field engineer capturing the jobsite with a 360° camera and a mobile phone.

Deliver Powerful Close Out Packages

Turn digital progress records into handover documentation for verification and approval processes—HoloBuilder is 10x faster than other close-out solutions!

Trusted by Organizations of Every Size

HoloBuilder is designed with everyone in mind: GCs, subcontractors, owners, architects, and more. Keep your projects on time and on budget!

General Contractors

Stop spending countless hours trying to describe jobsite conditions. Allow your stakeholders to see the site for themselves with secure, role-based remote site access and handover!

Specialty Contractors

Document all the work you put in place and be sure to get paid for it on time. Documenting the jobsite without blind spots has never been easier. Time to say goodbye to unpaid efforts!


Get frequent updates from all your projects and always know their status. Save countless trips out into the field and start visiting your projects remotely in 360°. Keep your stakeholders, end users, and your team on the same page for successful project completion!

Engineering Firms

Keep everyone on the same page by clearly communicating the plan and what has happened. Take your clients on a virtual journey of their sites and guide them through the project, from planning to completion!

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