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Autodesk BIM 360 Integration

Autodesk Account Login
Use your Autodesk account to sign in to HoloBuilder and connect your Autodesk BIM 360 project with your HoloBuilder documentation from within the web editor.
BIM 360 Docs File Upload
Access Autodesk BIM 360 Docs for file transfer into your HoloBuilder Project. Upload sheets, documents and much more.
BIM 360 Field Issue Creation
Create Autodesk BIM 360 Field (Gen. 2) issues from within your HoloBuilder Project, which are linked to their position within your 360° documentation.
Seamless Integration
Seamlessly move between Autodesk’s BIM 360 construction management platform and HoloBuilder’s construction solution. No more issues with issues. No more data silos.

Core Features

Web Viewer
Keep everyone informed, wherever you are. Monitor progress and share job site tours with anyone without ever leaving the office.
JobWalk Mobile App
Document your progress as fast as you can walk your jobsite. All you need is a mobile device and 360° camera.
Web Editor
Share the latest updates, all in one place. Document changes, leave comments and share with an unlimited number of stakeholders.
Unlimited Sheets
Add as many sheets as your projects requires, whether it’s one story or one hundred.
Distance Measurement
Using computer vision technology, estimate dimensions inside your 360° images without ever pulling out a tape measure.
Document Attachment
Everything documentation related, in one place. Organization made easy. Simply add PDFs, videos, or audio files to your 360° documentation.
Offline Handover
Keep your data safe, forever. Hand it over to stakeholders in one simple package that fits on a USB Flash Drive.
Annotation Attachment
Share key findings and updates where people know to find them. Visually and immersive. Eliminate communication gaps, period.

Capture progress at every stage of construction

Pre-Production Planning

Use HoloBuilder for pre-bid planning to secure better bids, for demolition planning to improve coordination, or for design planning to accelerate the approval process.

As-Built Documentation

Build a complete record of your site’s progress in 360° degrees, make your documentation available to your inspector for quality control, and share with stakeholders to streamline communications.

Post-Production Handover

Export your documentation for permanent, offline record-keeping to share with project owners. Cover your back with all-encompassing documentation to prove that you made the proper construction decisions.

Enterprise-level Security and Service


Secure Cloud

Our secure cloud guarantees an uptime of 99.99% and enterprise level security. Need an on-premise solution? HoloBuilder can also run on your private server.


Customer Success

Dedicated Customer Success team members in Europe and North America. We are here for you when you need us!

Smart Privacy Settings

Privacy and labor data protection are a must have. Automatically blur your employee’s faces in your images, without lifting a finger.

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